Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Machu Picchu Trek 2019

We are very excited to announce that we will be running a Machu Picchu Trek in 2019!

Translated from Quechuan, the original language of the Incas, 'Machu Picchu' means 'Old Mountain, and old it is! This ancient city was built around the mid 1400s by Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, the 9th Inca Ruler. With its spectacular location and remarkable architecture it's easy to see why it is considered one of the wonders of the world.

Following the Spanish invasion during the 16th Century the settlement became a closely guarded secret for hundreds of years. In 1911 an American Archaeologist called Hiram Bingham, in search of the 'Lost Cities of the Incas' rediscovered the ancient site that we know as Machu Picchu today. After this word soon spread and the site has attracted thousands upon thousands of people ever since.

In July 2019 we will be heading to Peru to lead the trek to Macchu Picchu. Though we will be doing it a bit different from the norm! Rather than the busy, classic Inca Trail we will be taking the Lares Valley Trail (the original Inca Trail) which is much quieter. The landscape here is stunning as you pass beautiful lakes, waterfalls and trek over big passes with views of snow-capped peaks.

We will meet up with the Inca Trail as we head passed the Vilcanota River, up through the Cloud Forest and on to Machu Picchu through the Sun gate. Here you will have a whole afternoon to marvel at the views and explore this one of the 7 Wonders of the World. We will also return early the next morning to watch the sunrise over this amazing place. You will have a guided tour of the magnificent archaeological site to see the extraordinary Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Three Windows, Intihuatana the solar clock and more.

Prior to trekking we will arrive in Cusco where we will acclimatise and see the local sites. There will also be a trip to the Qoricancha Sun Temple, which was the most important temple to the Incas, and time to explore the San Pedro market. The next day includes a full day excursion to the "Sacred Valley of the Incas", visiting the Sun Temple, colourful artisan markets and the town of Ollantaytambo to see ruins of what was once a massive Inca Fortress.

This really is an incredible trip that allows you to fully experience what the area has to offer and immerse yourself in history and culture whilst trekking through a stunning location. It's no wonder that it features on many people's Bucket List!

More information, including the full itinerary, what's included and cost can be found on the website. For ease, the full itinerary can also be viewed here.

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