Tuesday, 19 November 2013

No Ordinary Peak. No Ordinary Expedition.

On Saturday 16th November at around 11.45am local time, 4 men stood on a mountain peak in the Nar Phu valley of Nepal, just north of the Annapurna circuit. 

As they stood there, they took in the incredible 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding peaks of the Himalayas, humbled by the majesty, inspired by the beauty, taking a moment to reflect as to why they were here.

For this was no ordinary peak.  This was no ordinary expedition.

We have, with great pleasure, to announce the fantastic news that Brian, Bug and their Sherpa Passang, along with another guide, have successfully reached the summit of Chhubohe, standing at 5640m.

Chhubohe, as seen on Google Earth

As I am sure you are aware, we have been following the Expedition Wise team, ever since they set off on the Chhubohe Expedition at the beginning of November. We have followed them throughout their adventure, as they left the Annapurna Circuit to enter in to the Nar Phu Valley, descending along the Marsyangdi Nadi and passing through the villages of Meta, Koto and Nar.

They've witnessed some incredible views, admired a multitude of beautiful waterfalls and have been fortunate with the weather, even though it was a bit touch and go at one point with a sudden amount of snow fall! 

They've trekked across boulder fields, crossed suspension bridges made their way up snow filled passes and climbed snowy ridges. They've even celebrated a Birthday whilst up there (Bug’s).

More importantly though, is the fact that they achieved what they set out to, and much more.

One of the aims of the expedition was to summit a previously unclimbed peak, Chhubohe, and that they did!

The other aim was to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK, a charity close to Brian’s heart having lost a friend to the disease. Fingers crossed the target will be smashed before the team return, as it would make a great ‘Welcome Home’ surprise for them!

It was here, in the Nar Phu Valley, that Brian also took the opportunity to climb another unclimbed peak, which was actually unnamed as well.

So, prior to the Chhubohe ascent, Brian and Sherpa Passang made their way to a peak close by, where they successfully reached the summit of the 5610m mountain on the 14th of November.

Brian named the mountain ‘Kaloche’ which translates as the ‘Black Peak’, in memory of his friend Arnold Black.

We are so proud of the team and this incredible effort, and look forward to updating you all about their trek back to Kathmandu, before heading back to the UK at the end of the month. We also cannot wait to hear the whole story of their adventure and see the amazing photos! 

We will be sure to share them with you all too, so keep following on Twitter (@ExpeditionWise) & on our Facebook page!

You can also support Brian’s fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK by finding out more information and how to donate here.

In the meantime we would like to once again congratulate the team on this great achievement and wish them and safe return home!!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Choosing a Charity Challenge

What’s your dream? Is it to summit Africa’s highest peak, or are you looking for a diverse challenge which takes you on a journey through different cultures? Perhaps you have always wanted to complete the UK 3 Peak Challenge or immerse yourself in the historical Hadrian’s Wall Trek; with so many to choose from the choice really is yours, but where do you begin?

Cycling Charity Challenges

Choosing a Charity Challenge can be extremely daunting, but knowing that you definitely want to do one means your half way there. Firstly, you need to think about time constraints, such as time off work, or away from the family, which will determine whether you choose a challenge that is shorter rather than a long one. 

You also have to factor in the destination, are you happy to travel far overseas involving a flight, or would you prefer a UK based challenge, where flying is not involved? Such challenges could also include our 'London to Paris' or 'London to Amsterdam Cycle Challenge'.

Kilimanjaro Trek

Charity Challenges are all about testing yourself and pushing through your own preconceived limits. However, you need to be realistic; if you absolutely detest camping then maybe a trek where you will be regularly sleeping under canvas, is not for you. If the thought of riding a bike for days fills you with absolute horror, you may want to give the Cycle Challenges a (excuse the pun) swerve.

Once you have your heart set on a challenge and understand the commitment, it is time to think about the fundraising target. Are you aiming to raise a substantial amount which will involve a lot of time, motivation, effort and innovation, or are you looking to start off with a less demanding charity fundraising target? Either way, every amount will help your chosen cause, and the charities themselves will be so thankful for all your hard work and fundraising efforts.

Though the fundraising target can be overwhelming to begin with, as long as you are committed, enthusiastic and organised you will no doubt smash your target. For Fundraising ideas see our ‘Fundraising tips’ blog post later on in the month. 

Remember to give yourself plenty of time and be organised, as this will help ensure you reach your fundraising target.

One very important thing not to forget is training and preparation for the event. Always give yourself plenty of time to get physically ready for the challenge, as this will help you get mentally prepared as well. The actual Challenge can be daunting enough, but if you feel you have trained and prepared as much as you possible can, it will enable you to approach it with confidence.

This includes being up to date with any medication/jabs you may need for an overseas challenges.

The most important thing to remember to do on the actual challenge is to enjoy it! Though there may be times where you are finding it incredibly tough and overwhelming, keep your focus on why you are doing the challenge and let this motivate you to keep going! There will be people with you experiencing the same thing, so help support and encourage each other and share the incredible experience together.

Dolomites Cycle Challenge 

Let’s not forget also that there is no such thing as a silly question, so should you have a query or enquiry then do please ask. Here at Expedition Wise we are very happy to answer any questions about your chosen Charity Challenge and look to support you along the way.

With all this in mind, have a look at the Charity Challenges we offer and join us on a future Expedition Wise Charity Challenge!Find out more www.expeditionwise.com 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Chhubohe Expedition 2013: One peak, two goals - to reach the summit & raise funds for charity!

On Thursday 7th November 2013, the Expedition Wise Team will start off on their incredible expedition to conquer an unclimbed peak in Nepal. Located north of the Annapurna range, the magnificent ‘Chhubohe’, stands at 5.640m (18,503ft) in the Naar Phu valley. The area is also known as the ‘Lost Valley’.

The Naar Phu Valley is the most remote of the Manang District and access is granted only with the purchase of a special permit. Few westerners have explored this area, or the virtually untouched villages of Nar & Phu, where the residents make their livelihood mainly from herding yak and trading meat & wool with the villages in the lower Manang region. This magnificent area is also known to have the world’s highest concentration of snow leopard per square kilometer!

The team, consisting of Brian Jackson, Ian Foster & Bug Wrightson, will start their first day trekking to the village of Jagat, situated above the Marsyangdi Khola (river), where they will stay for the night before trekking for 5-6hrs to Dharapani. They will continue the 7 day trek passing through alpine pastures, remote villages and traversing the region’s high passes, before crossing rugged and isolated terrain eventually arriving at Base Camp. Here, they will stay for a few days, exploring the area, before the final push to climb Chhobohe! It will then take another week to arrive back in Kathmandu, before returning to the UK having been away for a month!!

This is an incredible feat for the team, and to summit an unclimbed peak will be amazing! This, however, is not the only aim of the expedition.

 As Expedition Wise Director, Brian is well experienced in helping others achieve their Charity Challenge goals, whether it be summiting Kilimanjaro or cycling from London to Paris. Now it is time for him to take on his own incredible challenge to raise money for the charity, Pancreatic Cancer UK, a charity close to his heart as he has sadly lost a dear friend to the disease.

Whilst Brian and the team are out on this demanding journey, we will keep you updated as to how they are doing. Fingers crossed we will have the fantastic news that they team have reached the summit mid November!

For all of us here, it would awesome is if we could tell Brian that he has surpassed his fundraising target on his return, & here’s how you can help!

Please follow their journey on Twitter (@ExpeditionWise) and our Facebook page and spread the word of this amazing expedition!

While they dig deep on the snowcapped peak, please dig deep too and help Brian raise
as much as possible for Pancreatic Cancer UK, by donating via the Chhubohe Expedition Just Giving Page!

Together, let’s make this a truly successful expedition in all respects!!

Thank you on behalf of Brian, Ian, Bug & all the Expedition Wise Team!!