Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Are you looking for a once in a lifetime experience or a challenge that will take you overseas to amazing places? We have some incredible overseas treks in 2016 that you can choose to do to raise money for your chosen charity or simply for the chance to tick some items off your Bucket List!

Take a look at Expedition Wise's 2016 Overseas Treks & Expeditions:

Kilimanjaro Trek - Sept 17th - 27th 2016 - Mt Kilimanjaro is a truly incredible mountain and is perfect for someone who is looking for a challenging trek overseas. The altitude can make the trek very tough going but we use the Rongai route which allows a better chance of acclimatising.

Find out more about our Kilimanjaro Trek here

October 6th - 10th 2016 - Spend 3 days trekking over the stunning sand dunes of the Sahara and the nights sleeping under millions of stars in a traditional Berber Bedouin camp.

Find out more about our Sahara Trek here.

November 5th - 20th 2016 - Imagine standing on the summit of a mountain in the Himalayas that has never been climbed before! Have the chance to go down in the mountaineering history books with a first ascent of a mountain in Nepal. An incredible, once in a lifetime experience!

Find out what's involved here.

Be Inspired! Watch the short film of our 2015 Unclimbed Peak Expedition.

Whatever you do, make 2016 a year of achieving the incredible!