Friday, 14 June 2013

Kili in the Sun!

After my previous two treks up Kilimanjaro being in constant rain, I had lost some belief in the dry seasons in East Africa actually existing anymore.  However, I should not have doubted the weather as on this challenge, we had the best weather I have ever had on any of my previous 16 successful Kilimanjaro climbs. Even summit night, we were trekking in almost zero wind and balmy temperatures of minus 5-7.

Not only did this challenge re-inspire me because of the fantastic weather, allowing us superb views at all times, but also as it is was early in the season after the May rains all the camps were very quiet and we had the surprise of a private summit for more than 30 minutes!
I had the privilege of leading a great group of friends raising money for Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) on behalf of The Ultimate Travel Company.

I did find it hard this year what with my training involving a week spent snorkelling and drinking in Ibiza for my wife’s 40th – not the best training schedule I must admit and contra to my normal no alcohol for 2 weeks before any high altitude trek.
However, all in all a fantastic challenge and really enjoyable so get out there and challenge yourselves this year.

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