Monday, 14 January 2013

Being Wise on Expedition.........The first 18 months....

One of our hard working freelancers read this poem out at our Christmas *Doo* in December - it is a great explanation of what it is to work for Expedition Wise!

It started by chance in 2011
One Caledonian Challenge was the event
My baptism of fire in the Highlands
The first experience with Expedition Wise was Heaven sent

Treating blisters by the dozen int' Ice Factor
Racer’s feet weren’t always in good shape
Teams of 4 in theory, sometimes 3,2 ,1
Not everyone abided by the red tape

Out of Kinlochleven on the staircase
Riding on a quad was brilliant fun
Walking through the night over Rannoch
And dancing at the finish at Tyndrum

Brian's 2011 party was a great one
Rocking on up to Rock House in Rock Place
There's also lots of rocks sculpted in the garden
And fab views to other crags with a rock face!

Steph had made vatt loads of piping chilli
Ang introduced me to alcoholic ginger beer
Wine and laughter flowed there all evening
And the video of the year was full of cheer

In 2012 the season was first about the 3 peaks
Ben Nevis, Sca Fell Pike and Snowdon in a line
Up and down we went in all the weathers
Slow, fast, snowy, midgy and sunny fine

With KPG's event we had a biblical deluge
Wasdale was evacuated from the valley not least
We slept in Tescos car park with croissants
The Llanberis Royal Victoria provided a feast

Then came Brave the Beacons in September
Based at Dolygaer in the trees
Alcohol arrived there by the carload
We all thought the challengers would be on their knees..

But no, the vino just spurred them on to do more
To kayak, bike and navigate with much glee
The weather and team spirit was fantastic
And they raised an amazing 50 grand for TCT

And so to the Brutal in Llanberis
A new event organised this year
3 levels of triathlon for competitors
The extreme filled the rest of us with fear

Ann and I ‘womaned’ a bike medic station
Brian said it was like the WI
Yet several mugs of tea later.....he left
And a cyclist emerged for a rubbing on his thigh

All through the night they whizzed past us
The extreme cyclists with their support crews in tow
Asking us how we were seemed the wrong way around
Some amazing professionalism they did show

And then the finish at 1am on Monday morning
Strong winds and driving rain for the finale
11 guys with stamina to die for
Who had all in 40 hours climbed their own Dinali

We have to don coordinated camouflage
Black, grey and orange with some high viz gear
The baseball caps are a perpetual challenge
My Masaai dangly earrings have become corporate wear

So being wise on expedition is essential
To keep healthy and stay safe on this journey
We look forward to 2013 with hope and optimism
For excitement and adventure are a successful life's key.

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