Monday, 17 December 2012

Some Feedback from our Nepal Trip!

From Russell: I feel that it has changed who I am, as I am much more focused on goals and achievements. I will never forget what it was like being at Base Camp and the feel that it gave me. Do it without hesitation.

From David & Gavin: Expedition Wise were very supportive of individuals and the group.  My most vivid memory is the emotion we all shared in the success of reaching base camp and taking in the landscape around us, and the fulfilment of a boyhood dream to go and see Everest.

From Sally: Words cannot really describe what there is to add about Expedition Wise, the following text does not really begin to explain, but it will give you an idea .............. The personal input from the Expedition Wise team went above the call of duty. It is obviously a career of choice and a life they love, their passion and belief in what they do shines in their faces even when faced with a client like me!! Their enthusiasm is exuded with their every breath and it rubs off on you morning, noon and night, ensuring that if you have a moment when challenge ahead feels daunting, it just melts away and is replaced by confidence in yourself!! Their friendship and attention to our needs both personally and as a team ensured everyone felt cared for. Their leadership skills and support were second to none. They made everyone one of us feel valued as a team member and were genuinely interested in our goals for the challenge and helped us all every step of the way. Their experience of the Nepal and the mountain region along with their encouragement made the whole experience absolutely Amazing!!! Professional Experts in their field!!! Recommend - LIKE - Follow - Definitely book again!!!!! In fact - When can we go again???
The challenge - for me, I realise now that anything you want to do IS possible - Just DO IT!! Memories - 15 New Friends, I feel like I have a second home in Nepal I have ventured into the unknown and loved every minute The sounds, the smells, the colours, the sky, the mountains, pictures in my mind I see everytime I close my mind! A culture so different from our own, religions I have learnt about. The whole experience, MIND BLOWING AND LIFE CHANGING!!! Advice - Don't diliberate for long, just BOOK IT and GO!!!!!! Life is too short!

And from me: I wanted to thank you for making the trip so incredible for everyone.  It was by far the best organised and lead challenge I have been on and you put the others to shame, really great to work with you and on to the next ones!

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