Monday, 1 October 2012

London to Paris Poem

One of the Clients on our London to Paris Charity Challenge in aid of Child Bereavement wrote this poem for us. We felt it worth sharing!

Early in 2012

Lou & Paul began to delve 

To friends who like a challenge

A cycle ride from London to Paris

Was scheduled for September 14th

Training got going in early March

A heavy night before you were left rather parched!

Wednesday night we trained 20 miles

Back to the pub with plenty of smiles

Road bikes & Lycra were purchased in mass

The task ahead we'll have a sore 


Crystal place was our starting point

Eager to start forget the joints

The charity Child Bereavement is such a worthy cause

Fran unfortunately wrapped her knee in gauze 

After 60 miles we reached Newhaven, some of the girls wished they had shaven.

When we reached the ferry it was heavy going

All were tired it sure was showing

We got to bed at half past four

B4 u knew it, it was time to do more!

2nd day,  a 50 mile cruise

My god we felt the bruise....

We ate more food & time for sleep 

Bloody fire alarm what a beep

Early start before the dawn

So cold we longed to be warm

We pedalled on throughout the day

Our destination was just past 

St Germais

One mile to go

2 by 2

We past Eiffel tower what a view

Into the last straight with all a sore Haris

We had finally made it from London to Paris

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