Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mount Elbrus - Part Three

When is hot too hot?

After the crazy wet weekend we have just had, it seems strange to be thinking about heat but before the Jubilee weekend, it was extremely hot for a while – summer gone??

As Brits, we love to complain about the weather whatever it provides us with and we are no exception to this, complaining that cold is too cold, wet is too wet and hot can be too hot.

At Expedition Wise, we are always excited when the weather appears to be stable and hot on our cycle and trekking challenges but over the past two weeks, we have been wondering whether we should be hoping for overcast skies.
We have recently run 3 charity challenges over the past 2 weeks; the London to Amsterdam Cycle Challenge, the 24 hours 3 Peaks Challenge and the Summit to Sea Cycle Challenge.  With the great weather that we have been having, we were looking forward to actually seeing the summits of the mountains and having our usual good weather on the cycle challenges.  However, with the heat wave that we have had, 35 degrees in Spain, 32 degrees in London and 33 degrees on Ben Nevis (I know – we couldn’t believe it either!), I can safely say that hot can be too hot with regards challenges.

The phrase “Only mad dogs and Englishmen” came to mind more than a few times when we were out cycling in the Sierra Nevada, cycling west to Amsterdam against the very strange easterly winds and unforgiving sun, and climbing the 3 Peaks carrying all the necessary safety and support kit in our rucksacks.   When most of us would be happy sitting in the back garden with a glass of something cold in the shade, we had groups of dedicated people cycling or trekking in the mid day sun!

We used more rehydration sachets (dioralyte) than ever before and water bottles were regularly refilled.  There is however only so much fluid you can take on board or rehydration sachets that you can stomach as you cycle or trek so the groups still suffered. 

Congratulations therefore must go out to all those who participated in the challenges over the last 2 weeks and struggled through the intense heat.
Hot can be too hot!

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