Monday, 16 April 2012

It's Recce Season!

This time of the year seems to be taken up with recces for future challenges so I thought I would write about 2 that we are undertaking at present.

Cycle Britain challenge:
This is a 16 day route so we actually have 3 people out on the road doing recces in different areas of the UK to allow us to get the recce completed before the launch in early May.  The 16 day route takes in some of the best cycling roads in the UK and ostensibly cycles between different Iceland Stores throughout Britain as it is an Iceland Store challenge raising funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK. We may even have a team that cycle from Northern Ireland as a pre-leg. 
Employees from Iceland Stores choose 1 day out of the possible 16 days to cycle joining an Iceland Stores team that will cycle the complete 16 day circuit.  Iceland Stores are hoping for up to 200 cyclists per day.

Summit to Sea challenge:
Next week, we have a recce for the Summit to Sea challenge.  This challenge takes place in Spain, from the Sierra Nevada mountains to Marbella on the coast.  This is a 3 day cycle challenge that takes in some long hard hill climbs and amazing descents, all with fantastic views. The food is great, the hotels fantastic and the challenge hard. We are going over to finalise the hotels and water and lunch stops on route.

The great thing about recces is that you get to see a vast section of the country on quiet roads that are not normally used and find some really great hidden treasures.  These may be a great cafe to use as a water stop, a brilliant view or an amazing hotel.

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